Cisco Gainmaker Optical Nodes

Cisco Gainmaker Optical Nodes
Manufacturer : Cisco Systems, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number : 4026156
Manufacturer Website Address :
Brand Name : Cisco
Product Line : GainMaker
Product Name : Gainmaker Optical Nodes
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Looking for the ideal platform for delivering digital and analog video and high-speed data services over advanced hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) networks? Look no further. The GainMaker® High Output Node is designed to serve as an integral part of today's network architectures. It combines the proven technologies of both the GainMaker RF Amplifier and Prisma® optical components. The GainMaker High Output Node is capable of higher output levels than standard Cisco® GainMaker Nodes. With its modular design of fiber receiver, reverse fiber transmitter, and RF amplifier electronics, the GainMaker High Output Node station can provide a variety of functions required by advanced networks.

The GainMaker High Output Node accommodates a second forward receiver with an RF switch to provide forward path optical redundancy. Reverse traffic can be combined and routed to distributed feedback (DFB), coarse wavelength-division multiplexing (CWDM), dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM), or Enhanced Digital Reverse (EDR) transmitters. The High Gain Balanced Triple (HGBT) launch amplifier module provides three high-level outputs. Additionally, the node is available with an optional DOCSIS status monitoring transponder. On-board temperature, automatic gain control (AGC) levels, RF switch position, power supply condition, as well as other features and parameters can be monitored through this transponder.


  • Capable of higher output levels than standard GainMaker nodes
  • Forward redundancy available through a second 1310/1550 nm optical receiver (optional)
  • Uses plug-in accessories common to all GainMaker products
  • Cable to linear EQ in amplifiers I/S EQ spot provides 15.5 dB of internal Linear tilt
  • Local test points and LED indicators on optical receivers, transmitters, and optical interface board simplify installation and maintenance
  • AGC has thermal mode, eliminating disruptive RF output variation in the event of pilot loss
  • Optional plug-in for status monitoring
  • Optional 3-state reverse switch (on/off/-6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring required)
  • Fiber management tray provides easy access to fiber connections and folds back to provide access to optical transmitter and receivers
  • Reverse input pad and RF test point for each reverse input port on launch amplifier allow optimum reverse path design and alignment
Product Type : Optical Node
Application/Usage : Fiber Optic Node
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